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OSC control via piano-roll clips


Let me echo the sentiments of everyone else by acknowledging the fantastic work you have done and are continuing to do.

I would be very interested in having the ability to control synth parameters via OSC messages in the same way that notes are played via midi.
I.e. via track clips. This would allow far greater expressiveness in the music as one could do things like morphing the sounds. Also there are osc synths which are based on physical models, such as saxofony for example which need several parameters to be controlled at once to achieve an interesting sound. I haven't seen any sequencer with the ability to control such synths so I think this would break new ground.

Regards, Martin


That's a kind of automation, isn't it?
And ... speaking in Rui's words: Automation is still a big point in his huge TODO-list ...

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Oh yeah, a big stain in that mighty TODO list :)

However, the way it's being thought (well, it's still being thought anyway:)) is about mapping automation to MIDI control, not OSC. Automation data is also being thought to get stored in standard MIDI files, as extra MIDI track data.

Or one could argue and propose that at least automation data would be serialized in OSC data format, if such a thing exists. Of course that will add a brand new path to procrastination nirvana :))

Now seriously, ain't there any MIDI<->OSC mapper application around, just waiting to be discovered?


Yes it is a kind of automation but I believe you are currently thinking of midi-only automation. Some existing synths are designed to be controlled via OSC rather than midi. Also, DSSI synths use OSC messaging between the user-interface and the sound-engine, so OSC gives the ability for total control. Another point is that OSC supports float data types as well as integer whereas midi is integer only. Also, OSC timing can be more fine-grained. I'm not suggesting to forget about midi automation but if time permits, to consider OSC automation as well. Of course I understand that it would take significant time to design and implement but I still think it's worth putting it on the TODO list for some future release instead of just forgetting about it. You may even find someone who has enough experience in OSC coding to help out.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Cheers, Martin

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Re. Some existing synths are designed to be controlled via OSC...
May I ask one lil'question? How do you, as the human performer side of the interface, control those synths? with what exactly? odds are you can only do it with uh, ... a MIDI controller? :)

Indeed, OSC has been in the TODO list as well, only that it will be behind the schedule, way more than automation already is ;)


Exactly right Rui ! Midi control is the only possibility right now. So I am suggesting something NEW. OSC would let me control parameters that cannot be controlled by automation at the moment. That's why I think it would be cool ... but hard work, I know. Great to hear it's on the TODO list. These posts were not designed to put pressure on you, just to add a new idea for your fantastic sequencer.


It is now 2024 and I still cannot find an OSC piano roll anywhere.

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and you won't find it here anymore, for sure :)

maybe you can look at ossia score instead?


ps. the supposed OSC support is currently on somewhat dormant [oscx] branch and sorry to tell it's nothing related to piano-roll whatsoever.

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