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conexion problem

I've got some problem to log here!

I've first try to register as "xzu". But after the mail confirmation, the login page ask me pass word. But I've not because create an account don't ask any password. So I can't loggin.
I can change password to because the server say that My email and loggin are unknow. But if i try to create new account, the server says xzu is allready taken and there is already an account to this email.. find the mistake.

So I create this account Xzu-II, with another email, but I still can setup or modify any password, cause I've not. I only can loggin by the link in the mail.

There seem to be some thing strange!

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aside from your first attempt being swollen on some spam vortex, how did you managed to successfully register a second time? didn't you get any email notification to activate any of your accounts at all?


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