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problem with audio-buses (but only with sooperlooper)

i have a strange problem with sooperlooper, qtractor and audiobuses. i would like
to combine buses, with which i insert audio from sooperlooper to qtractor, to a single
qtractor-bus. like this:

sooperlooper-x -> sooperlooper-main -> master

the problem is, that the sound doesn`t get passed on to the qtractor-bus `sooperlooper-main`. the monitor is on
and what does work are connections like this:

sooperlooper-x -> master

some_other_synth-x -> some_other_synth-main -> master

what could i try or look after?

thanks in advance,

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please explain, or at least reformulate your question, because i'm having some trouble in understanding what you're really up to :)

this is what i could read so far from your intended connections:

sooperlooper-x (output port) -> qtractor/sooperlooper-main (input audio bus)

from now on, it all depends on what you really want to do with the signal stream:

  1. record to an audio track: the track input must be assigned to sooperloop-main input bus;
  2. passthru output/monitor: iif sooperlooper-main is a duplex bus, signal will get routed to sooperlooper-main bus output ports;
  3. mixdown to master bus output: insert an aux-send on sooperlooper-main input bus plugin chain and rk signal to master output bus.


hello rui,

well, i want to apply effect-plugins on audio that comes from sooperlooper.
there are eight loops which i insert to qtractor through eight audio-iput-buses.
but because i want to apply effects and change volume to all eight together i thought i
unite them into one audio-duplex-bus, on which i could put the plugins (that`s my
sooperlooper-main) (and which i of course connect to master)

ok cool, it works now with an aux-send from the input-bus of the loop to my
sooperlooper-main-bus. i still don`t get why there is no sound when i just connect the
input-bus to the sooperlooper-main-bus in qjackctl, but i guess i have to do some reading
on aux-send and co. happy that it works :)

thanks again

(thanks too oskar, saw your answer just yet)

I've just experimented lately with Qtractor's busses and routings. If I wanted to pass signal from one Qtractor bus to another I used some jack client in between (ie. jack_simple_client or jalv with some simple plugin that's doing nothing to the signal). So if that's what you are up to you could try that approach as well. Master bus was a bit exceptional in this regard - accepted signal from other busses without any intermediate clients.

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