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qmidinet on Raspberry Pi

I've been trying to get qmidinet running on a RPi for a remote MIDI transmnission. The standard package image complains that it can't connect to X server, which seems very strange. What does qmidinet have to do with windows?

How can I get around this requirement as I need to run it from a SSH window only?

Also, I tried downloading the source package, ran ./configure, but it did not find the asound library which is clearly on the RPi in /proc. Sort of stumped at this point but need this functionality if I can get it.


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sorry to tell qmidinet indeed works only on graphical environments, on most linux boxes that means an X server up and running.

i know it may sound like a dodging option, but have tried its primordial ancestor, multimidicast ?


ps. meanwhile i'll think about a way to drop the GUI system dependency in the future, maybe a command line option or switch...

[UPDATE:] qmidinet svn trunk r76 already has news on the subject. aka. qmidinet v0.1.3.3+ ... if you dare, please grab the latest snapshot, then test and tell. ;)

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