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Vee One MIDI learn?

I love the Vee One suite, but I'd like to use more MIDI controller and less mouse. (Heck.. I'd love to use no mouse some day, but one step at a time..) Forgive me if I've overlooked this feature, but is it possible to attach knobs, menus, etc to CC numbers? Even if I have to manually edit a config file, that'd be okay. I tried using the 'learn' function on my Behringer BCR2000, but I couldn't get that to work.

If this doesn't exist yet, I'd like to make a suggestion, regarding that and preset changes.

The right-click method seems to be the most widely used, where the user right-clicks part of the interface and a menu prompts them to select a CC number and/or send data from the controller to make the selection. (right-click, turn a physical knob/hit a physical switch, click OK, repeat..) The more that can be attached to a physical controller, the better.

It'd also be good if MIDI data could be sent upon changing presets, without requiring the user to tell the program to do so. For example, in amSynth (As much as it pains me to beat up on good ol' amSynth!) the user must click a command in the menu to send updated MIDI settings to an attached controller, which somewhat defeats the purpose of attaching all of those knobs to physical controllers. The perfect scenario would be one in which you can cycle through presets and observe your MIDI controller reflecting the changes.

Again, sorry if I've simply overlooked already existing functionality, or if you've already addressed all of this. ;)

Truly great software. Thanks for all of your hard work.

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well, someday, somehow... :)
meanwhile, you can do most of what you ask if you run the LV2 plugin in Qtractor provided you work from the generic plugin properties dialog (right-click menu, MIDI Controller...). might be similar on other LV2 hosts that feature discrete MIDI controller assignment (aka. MIDI learn) eg. notably Ardour.
on your second suggestion i think it's covered by the Feedback option when assigning a MIDI Controller... any change on the subject parameter (knob, slider, button, etc.) ends with the corresponding MIDI controller event being sent back to output (think motorized faders:))

on the stand-alone front, i am sorry, there's no means for that yet,

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Hi All!

My next webshow is about Automation in Qtractor (every day! AIQED :p) and I'd like to take the opportunity to demonstrate external MIDI control of Qtractor plugins.

So I fired up midisnoop, and turned the knob that I want to use, and it said:

Controller, Channel 1 / Controller: 107 - Undefined, Value: 93

So what I want to do now, is to use this controller to alter the Cutoff of he DCF1 of a SynthV1 that I have in a track ; what would be the quickest route? I must say, I find the view/controllers window a bit overwhelming :/

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you have two options:

  1. in Qtractor, you can assign a MIDI Controller to any plugin parameter (right-click on the intended parameter slider, on the generic plugin properties dialog) or any menu command (see Help/Shortcuts...).
  2. specific to all the Vee-One's own GUI, make sure Help/Configure.../Controllers are enabled and after that you can right-click on any knob to get to the local MIDI Controller... dialog.
  3. hth.

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It's even simpler than I imagined. And it works great, thank you very much!

About point b, I... was under the impression that the "Help" menu was reserved for "inactive" things, like huh, help, about stuff, etc..? Given that this killer feature is disabled by default (there probably are good reasons for that) one might think it would not be that deeply buried ;) We had this discussion before about the "Options" in the "View" menu, and I can't wait to hear your (always creative and fun) reason for that one ;p

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the so called killer feature (MIDI Controllers...) is disabled by default *only* on the LV2 plugin forms of the Vee-One's; on the stand-alone versions it's enabled, all the time, unconditionally!

however, take note that on option b. these MIDI Controller assignments, once enabled, are specific to the Vee-One's and are global on a per user level configuration basis--that means it applies to all and any instances of the respective synthv1, samplv1 or drumkv1, either form, LV2 or JACK stand-alone.

yet, the other option a. re. Qtractor host realm, is probably the most recommended way, anyway, especially if you're planning to automate the same particular subject (plugin parameter) later.

the reason it has been disabled by default on the LV2 plugin version derives from an old issue or prohibition to overwrite LV2 input parameter ports on its own, something that was overrun on the last release (v0.7.5) through the help of shadow/cache ports (ie. LV2 input parameter ports are read-only, as from the plugin's own POV)


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Now *this* is something I never did with Qtractor, and I'm (currently!) doing a screencast about it ;P I have my controller knob properly moving my SynthV1 param, in real time. Now when I just engage "record" in the Automation track "A" button (after selecting the synthv1 param, of course, and yes the track is selected) and click play, I can hear my param changing as I turn the knob, but nothing happens in the track: The red line stays there, upper middle track. I tried with track record button both armed and not. I tried engaging the main record control. What can I do, and what to expect?

PS - as soon as I get this live automation recording, it's making the wiki ( first order of business, I promise.

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make sure the parameter in question is the one selected for automation and its "Record" LED is lit to red; if the automation curve doesn't change, or no new nodes appear on the curve while you're turning the MIDI controller knob, then it probably isn't the one you've selected as current or the MIDI controller there assigned is not the same you've currently selected on that track and plugin. please double-check.

oh. and which option are you on? a. or b.? take note that option a. is the recommended way for capturing automation; on plugins option b. is not quite the same, besides being global configuration, it reads from the performance "cooked" MIDI stream instead of the more general control one. whatever. for automating plugins use option a. always.

recording automation occurs in real-time, while playback is rolling; no need to arm the track for [R]ecording whatsoever.


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Ah, I see, I was using option b. ; It works perfectly now, thanks! :)

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