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MIDI on Windows

I'm trying to play MIDI files on Windows. I've tried to do so on VLC and learned that's not supported anymore. Midi - VideoLAN Wiki mention to use FluidSynth so I've downloaded GeneralUser GS and was goign to configure it but the current VLC version doesn't support FluidSynth anymore. I don't know how to get GeneralUser GS to play MIDI files and thought Qsynth might do so.

I've installed Qsynth and running it for the 1st time I got the message Qsynth1: Failed to created the MIDI driver (winmidi). No midi input will be available. so I downloaded winMidi minimal VSTi download | then copied it in C:\Program Files (x86)\QSynth clicked Restart in Qsynth then moved the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\QSynth\share and still got the same error.

Please help me play MIDI files on Windows, preferably using GeneralUser GS.

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on my own I have not enough knowledge to help you on windows, sorry.

maybe the original author of the qsynth windows port is still around and may answer your questions: his name Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas, also the author of the awesome VMPK - Virtual MIDI piano Keyboard.


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