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Qsampler as a plugin

Are there any plans for launching Qsampler within Qtractor as a plugin (LV2???)
(launching Linuxsampler of course), like Calf Fluidsynth does!!!
Same with Qsynth!!!

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no, no plans at all, as in reality it does not make much sense.

qsampler is a client front-end to the linuxsampler server; you may use qsampler, or any other client front-end (eg. jsampler/fantasia), to setup and configure linuxsampler channels that are managed by the server, which might well be interfaces to one or more linuxsampler LV2 (or DSSI) plugin instances that are primarily inserted on a LV2 (or DSSI) plugin host (eg. qtractor).

nb. linuxsampler already provides its own forms of LV2 and DSSI plugin forms. however thse plugins don't show up any (G)UI of their own, relying on existing client front-ends to take that role--there's where qsampler enters into the scene.

there's also at least one other option which is Carla: among a whole lot of other amenities, Carla does embed the linuxsampler engine, ie. it does NOT rely on the genuine client/server architecture of linuxsampler, so that you'll have no use to qsampler whatsoever.


Hi Rui, I'm absolutely loving Qtractor, it's the best DAW out there!! (Yes dammit....a DAW!!).

My enquiry is around qsampler. How do I get it running in qtractor? I can load the instruments, but don't understand how to connect it to qtractor....any advice would be greatly appreciated...

And thanks once again for Qtractor - I'm 52 and went through Atari cubase - G16 to Cubase vst32 - VS1680. Tried Ardour (Paul Davies is a top bloke) but nothing compares to what you achieved.....I'm excited about producing again! Wow!!!

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hi thanks, you're of course welcome

please read the comment above from 5 years ago, as it still applies: TL;DR you insert a LS plugin in qtractor, then you manage each plugin instance settings over qsampler.


Sorry Rui, but I still don't get what I'm supposed to click on. Let's say I've created 20 tracks in qsampler and saved it as a qsampler file.

What do I do in qtractor? If I create a track and go to plugin and select 'DSSI', it will offer me 'fluid synth' or something, but there will be no ability to select 'qsampler'. I think this is what Doogler was talking about. I understand about it being a front end for LS, just not how to bring it into qtractor.....

Sorry, Zigouris, not Doogler....

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again, you use qsampler (client) to configure linuxsampler (server).

you won't ever see anything related to qsampler in qtractor, whatsoever (or any other DAW for that matter): you'll deal with "linuxsampler" instead.

you may have linuxsampler channels:

a) standalone, for which you use them by connecting linuxsampler midi in, audio out (alsa or jack) ports to proper sources (a sequencer or midi player or keyboard controller, for midi input) and connect to your monitor speakers, headphone physical sound device (for audio output);

b) as plugin instances, either DSSI or LV2, for which it's the responsibility of the host (eg. qtractor) where those are inserted and drive all MIDI in and audio out, under its own premises;

either way, a) or b) may be managed by qsampler (or any other linuxsampler client; you can even control it via telnet/netcat/etc., through well written LSCP messages; but you rather leave that alone for geek-heads :))


Thanks Rui. As an aside, I'm still awaiting an email to complete my registration - I wanted to upload my recreation of Staying Alive (minus vocals) done entirely in Qtractor using everyone that no matter what the project or style of music, qtractor is the ultimate studio!

I can't convey my gratitude enough......I raise a glass Sir....:)

Up n running...!

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