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Wishlist: Qmidiclock

Hi Rui,

as far as I looked there seems to be no lightweight solution for converting incoming MIDI clock (e.g. from a drum machine) to jack transport. Qtractor can do this but this is no lightweight solution when you want to save as much CPU as possible to keep latency/buffer size small.

Since you already wrote the code I dare to ask if you could write a small program that receives MIDI clock and start/stop/song pointer and converts them to jack transport info?

Best regards

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why don you ask Robin Gareus to make it the complementary instead ?


I asked you first because the code is already somewhere in Qtractor. But I asked Robin via email.

Hi Rui, he answered, that JACK does not slave to anything (by design). Jack transport cannot vari-speed so there cannot be a counterpart, not even by using the jack transport-master only.

But since Qtractor is fixed I'll try it live.

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well, maybe you asked the wrong question: I believe what you want is having MIDI Clock to drive JACK-Timebase tempo (BPM) and possibly MIDI SPP (Song Position Pointer) for JACK-Transport state (start, stop and locate);

btw. I also remember that, at some time in the past, Robin made something in the lines of MTC(MIDI Time Code)-to-JACK-transport--possible named after jackmtc but not sure :(


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