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What Linux Dist?

I have been using Redhat products since RH-5, and presently I'm on Fedora Core 6. However, I'm ready for a divorce from Redhat, as I cannot stand their update schedule. Bringing out a new version every 6 months is just ridiculous, and what is worse, anything more then two versions old gets deprecated....hence, no more updates.

I would like to have something that has at least a few years of updates/download support, and I would also prefer to stay with somthing RPM based, as I am most familiar with that. I generally convert all my compiled sources into RPMs at some point.

* I have been looking at Mandriva, and playing around with the LiveCD. It looks great. However, it has managed to lock up on me twice....not a good sign.

* I think OpenSuse is RPM based, but really don't care for Novell, which I believe controls the project. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

* I like Kubuntu, but hate that it's DEB based, and have had many problems with apt-get in earlier FC distrubitions. I also seemed to have problems making Kubuntu work well with my Nvidia card. I don't mind using the Nvidia proprietary drivers, but could not find them for Kubuntu.

What are your preferences for a good Linux Distribution?



+1 for Archlinux

Give it a shot and you won't switch again (:

I have to agree about Archlinux. I find it the perfect compromise between a binary package system like Debian (or Ubuntu/Fedora) and a source distro like Gentoo. It's kind of the best of both worlds, binary packages by default but building from source is really easy. It also leans towards a "rolling release" strategy so it's never out of date. Disclaimer: I provide binary Archlinux packages for qjackctl and qtractor from CVS at Sourceforge :-)

Simply i hate linux. The main reason is that i can' understand it and don't know all the short keys. But i have heard that it has better security than windows and other OS. Is it true??

Linux security is generally better than Windows, out of the box. In other words, by default, most modern linux dists are fairly secure. However, when users get frustrated and do things such as disable their firewall, then all things are equal. I have had a few linux systems hacked into, once because of my own stupidity, the other due to a DNS (bind) flaw that I did not update, even when an update was available.

AFAIK, most hot keys in Linux are the same as other O.Ses. Cut, Copy Paste are good examples, as is F1 for help.

With that said, don't hate something because you don't understand. Just read a bit and try understanding it better. Then perhaps your fears will go away.


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if you talk about packages from your distributions repositories (packages built for your distribution and release), because the way packagers solve a dependency problem (new version of library not being backwards compatible) is to support both the old and the new version of the library or to patch the software if it's a simple fix. The real problems exists for third party "package" maintainers, a problem LSB tries to solve in a clumsy and short sighted manner. This package manager tries a different approach to the problem. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to be happy if UT2K4 stops working because some library version gets kicked for being deprecated. A solution to the problem could be a secondary package manager supporting any possible version of a library.

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Is there a way I can get an Open Suse distro with all the audio apps and a Lighweight QT based Window Manager (LxQt?) ?
Would it be more compliant with Calf Plugins that keep crashing under Ubuntu Studio? Love Ubuntu Studio but those crashes are ruining my work right now, entire days without music... Are there any LV2 alternatives to Calf by the way?

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1. there's NONE Linux distro out there that is simply Qt based; what you're probably asking is about the Desktop Environment one distro or another promotes as the default one on install. openSUSE let's you choose KDE as the default DE and in fact has been its historically top option (it used to be Gnome back in the Novell days, but is not (en)forced to new users anymore); of course KDE is based on Qt or better said, it 's "The" one genetically tied to Qt ever since birth and cradle.

Note that you're not here being obliged to KDE whatsoever, although it is the only and the one I use on Linux for two decades now ;)

2. Calf plugins are really going under the heavy pressure all these days; just look at that Ardour spell a course on them.

Most probably, all the CALF issues on Ubuntu Studio that you may experience have nothing to do with or without it being a Qt/DE based distro. It is rather an intricate software level misalignment in your system. There are (more than one) reports that things get solved or work much better with the latest Calf git head, while other's get it all right only after they build (compile) parts or all of the software on their own premises.

As always, YMMV :)


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Far from what you're asking, but since you love Ubuntu Studio, I'd suggest giving AV Linux a live test run ( )
It's Debian based, very well tuned for multimedia production, it includes working Calf Plugins, and it comes with extra goodies not yet in the Debian repos.

As for LV2 plugin suites, I'd recommend the LSP Plugins ( )


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