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Version: 0.5.5 no longer auto starts


Up until the recent qjackctl update everything worked correctly. After the update to Version: 0.5.5, qjackctl no longer autostarts with a reboot and login. After I login, I go to launch qjackctl and it does start, but it also starts jack as well, which is odd because I don't have Start JACK audio server on application start selected.

Once qjackctl is started I go to Setup/Misc and the following options are greyed out:

Enable System tray icon
Show system tray message on close
Start minimized to system tray

I close qjackctl (not quit, but hit the close X) and the app vanishes. I then restart it and everything appears normal, with the exception of Settings/Advanced where I noticed the entire Server Prefix area is greyed out.

I quit qjackctl and deleted the config file, restarted set things back up but same thing on my next reboot it does not launch. I quit qjackctl and uninstalled it, reinstalled and same thing.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I am running Arch with XFCE, everything is up to date.

any help is appreciated.



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since when does qjackctl ever auto-started anyhow?

if you see all the system-tray settings grayed out that's mostly because your desktop environment doesn't support one to start with (is it on wayland for instance?) or in the other hand the Qt5 widgets framework in use are reporting that there's no support for the system-tray.

you also seem to have the JACK D-BUS interface enabled, otherwise the server prefix wouldn't appear grayed out.

please check again all your settings and options... as a last resort you can (re)move away the configuration file (~/.config/ and start from a clean slate.


@rncbc, Thanx for the reply.

I am using XFCE and to have qjackctl auto start, go under Settings/Session and Startup/Application Autostart, I added qjackctl to this section. All version prior to v 0.5.5 would autostart when I log in, version 0.5.5 does not.

I just rolled back to v 0.5.4, and all the items work as expected, system tray icons settings behave has expected, qjackctl works as expected in the system tray, Server Prefix is not grayed out, and qjackctl does NOT autostart jack when it launches, where when I start qjackctl version 0.5.5 jack starts up even though this option within settings is unchecked.

I removed my configuration file as you suggested but that doesn't fix the issue.

qjackctl behaves differently (for me) in version 0.5.4 and 0.5.5. versions prior to 0.5.5 function perfectly for me. Are these bugs or just how qjackctl behaves now?



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you didn't respond to the questions on my previous comment

yes, v0.5.5 behaves differently in regard to the Setup UI for whether its worth. Some entry input fields are disabled (or not) depending on the current state of some others, especially the jackdbus related ones and whether the system-tray feature is actually supported by the underlying subsystem (as determined by the Qt5 framework, of course).

next question now would rather be like: are you building the software from source or are you relying on some 3rd party packager?

Thanx for your response... To answer your questions:

Ok, I understand why some items are greyed out because of jack d-bus, thanx for clarifying. I do have other apps that place items in the system tray, and QjackCTL will place itself in the system tray after I start it a second time. why not the first? Also, when starting QjackCtl 0.5.5 the first time it starts the jack server even though that option is unchecked. When I close QjackCtl and relaunch it a second time Jack is not started, so this seems like an inconsistent issue.

Q: Is wayland installed?
A: Yes, it's installed as a dependency of GTK3. I am using XFCE wth Xorg by default. not sure I know how to invoke wayland.

Q: Have you removed QjackCtl.conf?
A: Yes

Q: Am I building QjackCtl from source?
A: No, I'm installing from the Arch repo with pacman -S qjackctl

thank you for your help!


I think I know what's going on, all issues are non issues except for the icon not displaying in the notification area when autostarted with the system.

I reinstalled 0.5.5, and set it to autostart via XFCE Settings/Session and Startup/Autostart. I testing the setup with another app first and that launched when I rebooted and logged in. So I set one up for qjackctl, rebooted and logged in. I did not notice the icon in the notification area. I then launched a terminal and did and "htop" and filtered for qjack. I noticed qjack was running but no way to open it up. I killed the process and launched qjackctl from terminal by typing in qjackctl, and it launched and put the icon in the notification area. I quit the app and launched it from the menu and it put the icon in the notification area.

It seems that only when it's auto started on system login that the icon does not display in the notification area, which worked perfectly in prior versions.

Any ideas why 0.5.5 won't display the icon in the xfce notification area when the app is autostarted from system login?



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i really don't know what's going wrong on yours, sorry

just tried and tested to add `qjackctl --start` command as an auto-started application in a XFCE session and all seems to be working alright (here using openSUSE Tumbleweed) -- the system-tray icon is enabled and shows up alright in the XFCE notification area, as it should.


what is the --start parameter do? I have only used qjackctl in the autostart section. I even looked at the .desktop file that was installed with qjackctl and compared it to what is in my autostart, which is the following:

[Desktop Entry]

I can click on the .desktop file and it works perfectly, only when I reboot and login does the icon not go into the notification area. It's odd, and everything prior to 0.5.5 works fine. I've tried a new config file, deleted and re-added to the autostart.


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`qjackctl --start` is the command line way to invoke qjackctl and start the JACK server immediately in the follow up; it is the same effect as Setup > Misc > Other > Start JACK audio server on application startup.

for other command line options please see `qjackctl --help` or `man qjackctl`.


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Hi there!

First, Happy Christmas to you all!

Check if you have a multiple entries of this desktop file: one file in home/.local/share/applications and one file in filesystem/usr/share/applications and/or filesystem/usr/local/share/applications. Systematically remove (after saving) all but one (I would leave filesystem/usr/share/applications).

Hope this will help you,
@Rui: By the way thank you very much for keeping up qt4-support for this long!

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hi Michael, marry xmas to y'all too.

you should know that Qt4 support has already entered and passed its sunset... that applies to all qstuff of mine...

however it might still be possible to build on Qt4 if you know what you're doing (eg. hacking the script) it won't get any love or support upstream if things start to simply FTBFS in the near future.



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