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Off topic - qt4 vs. qt5

Dear Rui!
"... you should know that Qt4 support has already entered and passed its sunset... that applies to all qstuff of mine ..."

We had several times communication about this - I know and of course accept that qt4-support stopped, at least sort of ;-)
The qt5 versions compile fine anyway.
But if you do not mind, I will continue to offer as long as possible the most recent qt4-builds of your wonderful softwares (I call it "QStuff") on my website "". There are appr. 10 people who still use these versions too. I for myself need qt4 for controlling my astronomical gear (cameras, mount, ...) and ffado, all of them are qt4 only. Therefore I cannot live without qt4 :-)

Greetings, Michael

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hi Michael

yes, you can have the Qt4 builds as long as you wish if you're smart enough on how to make them still ;)
only that it won't be of good help here if things start to break and FTBFS in the future. sorry.

merry x-mas and happy NYE -- all the best for you and your family!

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now I wonder whom I got that beautiful portuguese flag from shown in my flagcounter (I love this gimmick!) :-)
Thank you and also the best for you and your family!

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