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GS editor for GNU/Linux?

I just discovered QXGedit and wonder if anyone knows of anything similar to handle GS soundbanks? I currently load my GS banks via calf-fluid but that's not an editor. Thanks.

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None that I ever heard of, sorry.

On the other hand, so called GS soundfonts (*.sf2) are mostly just regular GM soundfonts with a GS instrument mapping which means they have additional banks and programs than just the standard 128 programs (or presets) as defined in a GM soundfont.

That said, you don't really need a so called "GS editor" like QXGEdit which is aimed to edit some XG instruments specifically with MIDI System Exclusive commands.

What you're probably searching for is a soundfont editor, like swami or polyphone.


rncbc, thanks for the feedback. Will look at those.

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