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Samplv1 inside Ardour, keep sample ?

Hello guys, first time here...
Coming from Lmms I was serching for a Fileprocessor alternative. Samplv1 is what I was looking for but there's a big issue: everytime I open a project, I need to reload the sample (sample or preset is the same)! It's a pain. So, am I doing something wrong ? Not very useable in this way..


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yes, your probably doing or having something doing wrong in there :)
it sure is not supposed to ask for a sample file every time you open an existing and previously saved Ardour session whatsoever.
ps. which versions of either ardour and samplv1?

I tried several times with no success..
Opensuse TW, Ardour from multimedia repo and Samplv1 is your package from sourceforge ;)


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just to be on same page, all qstuff is first developed here under openSUSE TW :)
there are no excuses why you can't tell about exact versions: latest public ardour5 is v5.12 (dunno how you got it, there's no package from TW whatever); samplv1 should be v0.9.3--please don't go with anything less.
also make sure you read and comply with these words of advice for Ardour users...--not specifically to your issues (probably not at all) but one never knows ;)

Sorry this is the list:

For Ardour:
Information for package ardour:
Repository : multimedia:apps
Name : ardour
Version : 5.12.0-2.18
Arch : x86_64
Vendor : obs://
Installed Size : 43.6 MiB
Installed : Yes
Status : up-to-date
Source package : ardour-5.12.0-2.18.src
Summary : Multichannel Digital Audio Workstation

And yes, I've fixed all lv2 files for samplv1, synthv1, etc, etc..

Side question: Is it normal that I need to fill the subject field when I reply to your post ?

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as a matter of fact, i now realize that the last release version for samplv1.lv2 is broken in the exact regard to what you report: the sample file is not being save as LV2 plugin state whatsoever :/

you were right all this time, sorry for the pain I might have inflicted to you.

I'll investigate this further and come with a fix ASAP.

meanwhile the previous released version (v0.9.2) seems to be working right. Maybe you (and everybody else) will be better off falling back to it.

cheers && sorry for all the inconvenience

ps. the nasty bug is now fixed on git head master (samplv1 >= thanks again.

0.9.2 ardour crashes :(
Downgraded to 0.9.2, Ardour crashes on load.
Upgrade to 0.9.3.. still crashes on load !
So opened a session without samplev1, fine then I was able to open a session with samplev1.
Removed the plugin, save & close.
Downgrade again to 0.9.2 but now as soon I add samplev1 to a track, Ardour crashes :(
So, 0.9.2 (your rpm) does not work here.

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please remember to read thewords of advice for Ardour users...;
while it's been said for "drumkv1" you ought to apply it to "samplv1" as same.


ps. re. side question: yes, you have to fill the subject line; if left blank it's filled with comment body first line, or something like that.

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samplv1 v0.9.4 has been released and it includes the fix to this issue.

cheers && thanks

Installed, it's ok, Thanks for the quick fix ! Keep it up !

Hello, here again...
Ardour project with several samplv1 tracks. I reopened the project few time without issue but today, after a zypper dup and reboot, all samples are lost :(
Ardour and samplv1 are still at same version (not affected by upgrade) ardour-5.12, samplv1-0.9.4.
Is there a way to recover ? Where is the sample name/file saved ?



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