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Where can I find tutorials or docs?


I am quite new in music production, so it would be good if I can find tutorials for the Vee One Suite. Do you have any video or doc?


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hi, you're welcome

well, the truth is, the vee-ones are so old-school that anything you may find on the inter-tubes about any other old synth, ever since from the (last century) 80's to date, may well apply... ;)

why don't just fire up the thing, connect to a MIDI keyboard controller and just try and play and work it out, just for the fun of it? and if you feel lucky, or overwhelmingly bored, you may try the odds with the "Random" button ? just for the laughs, at least?

I'm sure you'll get the handle of it, in a short time anyway.


Good answer kkkkkkk. Fair enough.. I'll do that.
Thank you for your vee-ones and qtractor!

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