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getting started with qJackCtl on macos

I just installed qJackCtl (and jack) on my Macbook running Catalina 10.15.7. I plugged in my Scarlett Focusrite Solo (MIDI-USB interface) and also started Jamulus. My goal is to be able to connect a 3rd party audio source like iRealPro or Chrome (Youtube) to Jamulus (the audio sink) so that my online band partners and I can play along to a backing track, drum track, or just listen to a recording without leaving the Jamulus session. I'm having trouble getting started and I can't find any docs to help me on a Mac. Most of the docs cover Linux with Alsa.

I tried to attach screenshots but got error messages. Here is the selection I chose in the Interface dropdown: "AppleUSBAudioEngine:Focusrite:Scarlett Solo USB:Y75UBHZ0432290:1,2". I selected the driver "coreaudio". I assume that that's the correct one for Mac.

How do I set up the sources and sinks? I opened the patchbay. Both input and output are empty. I click on "Add" for input; the Client dropdown has only one entry "system". If I select it, then I have two choices for "Plug": "capture_1" and "capture_2". For "Output", the plugs choices are "playback-1/2". I have no idea how these relate to Jamulus and the client or clients I might want to connect.

Where can I find the help I need to get started?

If you need to see screenshots, I'll find another way of hosting them for you.

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yes, I don't care a bit to macosx, nor even close to anything that comes from cupertino, sorry again.

but that doesn't mean I don't care about you or your problem. even though it seems deeply related to the idiosyncrasies of the platform, which is NOT GNU/Linux (the only one in careful support here:)).

now, about two other things which I think you misunderstand about JACK and qjackctl:
1. QjackCtl does not come with JACK bundled, although the opposite is often true, especially on non GNU/Linux platforms;
2. As far as I know of Jamulus architecture: a standalone Jamulus server only deals with network exchange--it is entirely useless for you to install JACK on the server, or even run it there, no matter if you use QjackCtl or else to start and interfere with it.

as @Musicalme said, you have to install JACK (jackd) on the very machine that you have your physical sound device plugged in--this is your macbook and the focusrite usb for sure--you have to install, setup and start JACK over that very sound device exactly, possibly under the "coreaudio" driver, and you can use QjackCtl for just that (or you can start jackd from the command line, giving it the right arguments, your choice). And finally, when JACK (jackd) is all set up and running, you launch the Jamulus client and connect its JACK ports to the system:capture_N (mic, guitar, etc.) and system:playback_N ports (speakers). You may use QjackCtl Connections or Graph to do the connections (but not the Patchbay yet) or you can go full command line with jack_connect et al.


Regarding jackCtl, its a standalone app, its a middle man,
some programs install and use alsa on linux, or coreaudio on a mac,
they don't need jack if they are able to output sound on their own.
jack is used with programs that need to connect with each other,
some programs start jack when they start, some don't, so you need to
start jack first, AND press the play button on the jackCtl inrerface, or press pause
to see how it stops playback of the connected programs or devices.

But as mentioned, jack is no good in certain circumstances, programs that use networking
will most likely not have been designed to work with jack, as the network is their middle man,
though am sure some programs will work with jack, some streaming / broadcasting programs I think do this,
jack routes the various sources to the program, the program then uses the internet to send the output.

I don't play any instrument, I tried piano, loved it, but life got in the way, I set up audio for our Church,
which I do on a computer with a DAW, I tend to our website, I have an interest in broadcasting, but I seem
to be the only one, so am afraid to start putting anything online because I would be personally tied up and
responsible for everything, if I get sick, then what, but I still keep the interest and try to unravel what would
be required to set up such, living in hope.

I finally found a solution:

Thanks for your responses.


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