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rtirq update - 2021 second edition's here,
(a third time, fixed twice again)
just something that might and almost sounds like a complete rewrite but not really ;)...

In its latest (this) incarnation rtirq (init-script/systemd-service) now tries to save and restore its state the best it can, on start and stop respectively.


The same old disclaimer still applies: rtirq makes only sense to real-time preemptive (PREEMPT_RT) patched kernels or, in alternative, to a threadirqs boot-enabled Linux kernel.

Enjoy && Keep safe && healthy!

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Hi Rui. I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 20.04 in my PC for work audio and midi. Well, I installed RT kernel and your script (from your official PPA). For install rtirq script I follow the indications from your github: I modified the kernel for load threadirqs option, update grub and restart.

rtirq works but I need run it manually when turn on my pc, every time. So I've tried run rtirq with systemd for to achieve start it when login automatically. For this I use two commands:

$ sudo systemctl enable rtirq
$ sudo systemctl restart rtirq

But don't works, when restart PC rtirq is inactive again and I need start it manually. When I use systemctl some info prints on terminal, maybe is helpful:

$ sudo systemctl enable rtirq
rtirq.service is not a native service, redirecting to systemd-sysv-install.
Executing: /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install enable rtirq
update-rc.d: error: rtirq Default-Start contains no runlevels, aborting.

I ignore that output and continue with the next command (sudo systemctl restart rtirq) and rtirq runs.

This very frustrating, I'm searching and I found that I need add something weird in rtirq file (/etc/init.d/rtirq) for runs the script when login, here the aggregation (and here the source

# Provides: rtirq
# Required-Start: $all
# Required-Stop:
# Default-Start: 2 3 4 5
# Default-Stop:
# Short-Description: IRQ script...

Rui this solution is very laborious and for my opinion is 'dirty'. Do you know a way to run rtirq when login?

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there are two issues here:

1. no, you may not have it to start on login, rather it is supposed to run only once at boot time;
2. the debian/ubuntu packaging as provided in the ppa's are still relying on some kind of old sysvinit bridging into the newer systemd; also, you may only do that **INIT INFO** hack once in a lifetime, when you install and enable rtiirq for the first time.

note that 2. is solely a debian/ubuntu packaging issue and I would certainly appreciate any help in making it a pure systemd service install not relying on some deprecated stuff anymore like the old sysvinit stuff (being why the .deb package is still called after "rtirq-init" and not just "rtirq" as it should; but who am I to complain about debian/ubuntu specific stuff ;))

Rui I found that .deb package miss to create a symlink. Maybe you can create this symlink in the installation process. For anybody looks this post I share the method to fix it:

Open a terminal and type:

$ cd /etc/rc5.d/
$ sudo ln -s ../init.d/rtirq ./S01rtirq

Peace, mortals!

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ok, that might fix it in some situations perhaps, but not the final solution I guess...

one of you guys/gals, way more fluent on debian/ubuntu packaging, dpkg-buildpackage and all the esoteric debhelper stuff, should give me a hand or two, in making rtirq-init a definitive systemd unit deployment package, in the future; and forget all that deprecated sysvinit crap (leave it to the init-diehards, will ya?;))


[UPDATE:] only for the brave: would you try the .deb's from the OBS (openSUSE Build Service) ?
(see the repos) take your best fit under
please test && tell. wholly thanks.

[UPDATE2:] note that the newer .deb packages are dropping the "-init" suffix, being now named as "rtirq" only.

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