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cmake and VST3

Old way to build Qtractor with VST3 is still working:
./configure --with-vst3=../../vst3sdk --disable-qt6

New way works basically:
mkdir build; cd build; cmake ..; make

But how can I point it to the vst3sdk dir?

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good catch!

currently you can't... cmake build is rigged to work through pkgconfig only; you can find a vst3sdk package on the repos (eg. one of Libraries in, if you're on an ubuntu based distro).

sure that,now that you asked, the new way will have that option in the future eg. cmake -DCONFIG_VST3SDK=/path/to/vst3sdk ...
[UPDATE:] maybe now possible in develop branch [7d3602bd]


Great, thx.

I suspected that installing the vst3sdk will install stuff to make pkgconfig happy. Unfortunately the compiler barfs at 20% because of language issues – probably a "your compiler is too old" issue.

Doesn't work completely.

cmake -DCONFIG_VST3SDK=/home/hm/src/qtractor/vst3sdk ..

[ 64%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/qtractor.dir/qtractorVst3Plugin.cpp.o
/tmp/qtractor/qtractor/src/qtractorVst3Plugin.cpp:33:52: fatal error: pluginterfaces/vst/ivsthostapplication.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

When I symlink vst3sdk/pluginterfaces and vst3sdk/base into qtractor's src directory then it works. I guess the path is not evaluated.

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maybe now's fixed for good :) in develop branch [93a08e3]


Yep. Thx Rui.

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