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Is .qtz still a thing?

I just "forked" a song and am terrified of losing data (even though I have current backups) since, at this point, they're still using common MIDI files under the hood. I saved the forked version as a .qtz but notice it's not a compressed file. It's just ASCII text.

I'm running 0.9.22

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yes, Archive/zip bundle session files (*.qtz) are still very much a thing.

if you have a uncompressed (xml) file then most certainly you haven't saved it under qtractor premises; .qtz files are just regular zip archives for which you can the standard unzip utility to extract all the session content files, audio, MIDI and of course the session description file (session-name.qts) which is a xml text file, pretty much the same as the usual (uncompressed) .qtr file.

please do check again your procedure to save as a .qtz archive file: it usually suffices to just change the file name extension or suffix on the File > Save As... prompt dialog.


Yes, that's what I did. I opened songA.qtr, made changes, and then saved it into another directory naming the new version of the song as songB.qtz

Aside from songB.qtz being a SGML document, the "clips" are still pointing to the original .mid locations. I've been able to work around this by combining all clips on a track into a new clip and then changing the path when prompted. That's fine for now but new clips are still being saved to the original directory location. Is there a way to change the "parent directory" location for a given song?

Overall, I still see what happens behind the "save as" as a very dangerous operation. I can't imagine a casual user would think saving a "forked" version would result in shared data. I'm just glad I know about this from a previous situation since I can now take additional steps to safeguard my work.

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wait... on the File > Save As... dialog, does the "*.qtz" appear as an option on the file-type selector?

there should be always one named like "Archive files (*.qtz)"... if there's none then I'm afraid your qtractor build is handicapped, so to speak, probably compiled without libz-dev installed support and that's why you end up with a plain XML file instead of a ZIP one; even though you change the file name extension/suffix explicitly to .qtz, it won't take any effect whatsoever: it will always save as a regular .qtr file but with a misleading extension/suffix though.


ah ha! File/Properties

ah, good to know. Thank you. I will recompile all the things.

I just ran

sudo apt-get build-dep qtractor

I don't see any libz-devel package installed on my Ubuntu 20.04 box as a result. I did end up installing a package named libz3-dev thinking that'd do the trick. Output of ./configure does confirm this:

Archive/Zip file support (zlib) . . . . . . . . .: yes

Thanks in advance

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