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MIDI Reset SysEx


First of all, I wanted to thank you for the great synth - it is very helpful.

I wanted to ask what SysEx message should I send to reset QSynth. I'm referring to resetting to the state just after startup. Is there such a function implemented in this program at all?

I tried many different SysEx MIDI Reset messages, but QSynth didn't respond to any of them. Generally it looks like after sending for example such message:
"F0 05 7E 7F 09 03 F7". - Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth and with the Roland keyboard working

first of all, nothing happens. And what's worse, sending after this message, any MIDI data doesn't bring any effect. Only after a few tens of events, QSynth revives and starts to play.

I'm using also DreamBlaster S2 device (such a small "wonder", WaveTable with MIDI "reader") there, the MIDI reset SysEx is as follows:
"F0 7E 7F 09 01 F7".

And the device resets without any problems.

I would be grateful for any information related to the above problem.

Best regards, Paweł Banaś

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as you probably (should) know, qsynth is a front-end to (lib)fluidsynth

I'm sure that your very specific questions are better addressed to the proper forums and not actually here.

and yes, "F0 7E 7F 09 01 F7" is the GM/GM2 System On sequence; and according to fluidsynth documentation it's implemented as are the GS/XG Reset messages, which I think are the ones you're probably after?
GS System On/Reset: "F0 41 10 42 12 40 00 7F 00 41 F7"
XG System On/Reset: "F0 43 10 4C 00 00 7E 00 F7"


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Thank you very much for your equally detailed reply, even though the problem was not directly related to QSynth.


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