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Now that you ask, I'm seeing a JACK device entry on the Sound System Configuration of my KDE 4.1.3. I've tested it, by putting it on the top of my output device preferences and after a very cursory hearing it seems to do the job, as long as jackd is currently running alright. It doesn't make it to start jackd (or qjackctl) on its own, but it's a good sign anyway :)

I suspect, however, that this listed JACK output device is provided by xine-lib and it is not a genuine JACK backend. And as a matter of fact, Matthias (phonon's architect) once or more times have said there's no way or point in having a JACK backend for Phonon, due to simple fact that a Phonon backend must be capable to (de)encode all or most types of media, audio and video. JACK only does raw audio and thus can only serve as an audio output device on behalf of some other media streaming library (eg. xine or gstreamer). And that closes the case I'm afraid ;)

One other thing: I really can't say how much it is desirable to have those nasty desktop sounds and notifications (think of IM:) injected on my best take of a recording I was deeply engaged ;))