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That KDE4 Jack option only appears when xine-lib is used so it's completely unavailable for Qt only projects because Qt can't inlcude xine-libs for licensing reasons. Qt-only apps are my concern as I am trying to put together a simple Qt-only (or mostly) desktop system that actually features qtractor and qjackctl.

I can appreciate Matthias point of view but, in a way, xine-lib is just a wrapper around a Jack audio backend... or proxy middleware on behalf of a Jack audio backend. I'd just like to get rid of most of the middleware not related to supporting Jack+ALSA on the audio side. Related is a video backend and I'd like to see a more direct ffmpeg backend with a simple Qt display mechanism (ffplay uses SDL but is only 55K in size). The phonon-vlc backend would be a close starting point, for the video side at least.

As for misdirected sounds, the phonon kcfg already allows for sending audio types to different targets and qjackctls patchbay is the most powerful reason I want a generic Jack backend for Qt apps in the first place :-)

To me, Jack is to audio as OpenGL is for desktop/video usage and cheap modern motherboards come with OpenGL capable onboard GPUs and often have 24/96 x 8ch audio at ~95db. I don't see the point of NOT taking advantage of both (in the context of a "new" lightweight desktop that will take years to mature). I want your qjackctl patchbay as a fundamental part of a Qt based desktop system for my use, not as a "professional" add on, so if that means trying to add a Jack backend to phonon (the official way to support such things for Qt) then so be it. The point that such a system does not exist is my itch. Please excuse my rant on your forum :-)