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Hi Rui,
First, regarding the sync issue, it's not the graphical skewing I'm talking about...but indeed the audio playback cut point sync between clips and/or tracks.

As far as the debugging goes, I'm not having good luck at all making these new backtraces work thru the --enable option. First, I did the stacktrace, and it worked, copied it to the clipboard. Next, I rebuilt it with --enable-debug, and while running that, the system locked thus taking out my stacktrace clipboard as well (this lockup could be the result of my running a 2.6.29RT kernel, so don't panic on that one ;).

After a reboot, I run qtractor again, using the same debug compile, and got some output, not real verbose IMO. I saved that output in case of a repeat lockup. Recompiled again, this time back to the stacktrace, and I simply cannot get it to output anything now. It worked once, but never again so far, while still crashing in the same place. It only reports a SegFault.

Anyway, here is the debug output:

00:35:39.358 Audio connections change.
00:35:39.370 MIDI connections change.
00:35:44.070 Session closed.

See, not much there.

Anyway, regarding the other issue of lost sync. I'm not too worried about lost sync visually, the sync is off in the audio-engine.

00:35:44.082 qtractorMainForm::loadSessionFile("/home/hines_j/Audio/qtractor/LucidDreams.qtr", 0)
00:35:44.809 Open session: "/home/hines_j/Audio/qtractor/LucidDreams.qtr".
00:35:44.815 qtractorMainForm::updateSession()
00:35:45.076 Session started.
00:35:45.080 qtractorMainForm::viewRefresh()
Enhanced3DNow! detected
SSE2 detected
00:35:45.466 MIDI connections change.
qtractorAudioBus[0x8606ae8]::updateConnects(1): jack_connect: [system:capture_1] => [Qtractor:Master/in_1]
qtractorAudioBus[0x8606ae8]::updateConnects(1): jack_connect: [system:capture_2] => [Qtractor:Master/in_2]
qtractorAudioBus[0x8606ae8]::updateConnects(2): jack_connect: [Qtractor:Master/out_1] => [system:playback_1]
qtractorAudioBus[0x8606ae8]::updateConnects(2): jack_connect: [Qtractor:Master/out_2] => [system:playback_2]
qtractorAudioBus[0x860f728]::updateConnects(2): jack_connect: [Qtractor:Metronome/out_1] => [system:playback_1]
qtractorAudioBus[0x860f728]::updateConnects(2): jack_connect: [Qtractor:Metronome/out_2] => [system:playback_2]
00:35:45.672 Audio connections change.
00:35:55.115 qtractorMainForm::transportPlay()
qtractorAudioBuffer[0x8654588]::inSync(0, 1024) (0)
qtractorMidiEngine::drift(): iAudioTime=29 iMidiTime=0 (29) iTimeDrift=29
00:35:55.870 qtractorMainForm::transportPlay()
00:35:58.725 qtractorMainForm::trackExportAudio()
00:36:06.579 Audio file export: "/home/hines_j/Audio/qtractor/LucidDreamsFinalMix.wav" started...
qtractorAudioBuffer[0x8654588]::seek(0) pending(0, 0) wo=164863 ro=36864
qtractorAudioBuffer[0x8654588]::inSync(0, 1024) (0)
qtractorAudioBuffer[0x8611398]::inSync(0, 440) (0)

Sorry, I know there's not much there to go on, but until I figure out why the stacktrace is not "taking", I can't do better, unless the gdb method still would work. It's getting too late...and can't think. More tomorrow hopefully.