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The Bad Apples Episodes

Klaatu kindly writes to say how he loves Qtractor and uses it all the time for podcast production and as one of the central applications for producing his two-person band. He has written two tutorials on Qtractor and covered it on two podcast episodes at The Bad Apples Linux Oggcast. Awesome! Happy Thanks-Giving!

You can hear his raves anytime:

    where Klaatu does a Qtractor walk-through. If you are new to audio editing applications, this may be a good episode for you to hear. You may follow along with this walkthrough via Klaatu's tutorial. If you have no interest in audio editing or Qtractor, you can safely skip this episode; this is a qtractor walkthrough only, without any witty comments, wry humour, or insightful observations, so you won't be missing anything. ...or will you? nb. this episode was aired right after Qtractor discovery, still 0.4.1 or something, so plugins weren't implemented yet and there wasn't (er, isn't) automation, and so on. (tutorial article)
    where Klaatu goes over what MIDI is, how to use it in Qtractor, how to use soft synths and effect processors with Qtractor, including native Linux VST support. (tutorial article)

But the best news are that there's hope shedding on the user manual camp ;)

Welcome aboard klaatu.