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current clip highlighting/selection persistence--across MIDI clip editor on and off, among other things--have been already fixed on git head, for quite some time now.

you see, the possible is already done, immediately, while other, say impossible, requests will have to wait a litle longer ;)

now, re. the Transport/Auto Backward behavior, fact is that it's just an automatic Transport/Backward [|<] action taken whenever playback stops. you must reckon that regular Backward function makes the play-head skip, yes, backward, to the nearest stop, be that of a) the end of the last clip in the session timeline, b) the edit-tail (right blue marker), c) the edit-head (left blue marker), d) the start of the first clip in session, or e) the place last time playback got started, whichever comes first in the backward direction, that is.

ah. add to the above f) any location marker that is around (again, on the backward direction, of course;)).

nb. everytime and once the automatic action gets done, a new starting playback location overides the previous one, i guess, maybe, that's the case you report. you tell me.

though, there follows some comments, all in the IMHO stance:

- Current, selected track as a "panel" displayable on the right, like the file list ;
this adds bloat and clutter--current track is already highlighted on the left track pane and on the mixer; why have an alternative third pane, just to show what is already shown in two other already?

- Small, unlabeled Vu-meters on all the tracks, next to the R/M/S controls (could be a column)
perhaps utterly redundant; the ppm meters, which are the correct name for the those meters, are shown in all mixer strips and they will stay there for the sake of it. while i see your point here, i find it rather superfluous, and again, plain redundant. sorry.

- Mixer embeddable as a bottom panel (single view)
back in the the early days, while qtractor was still in heavy development on top of qt3 (!), yes, the mixer was a dockable widget alright, just like any of the toolbars or the messages and files pane. now, a few years later, the whole mixer widget (or window if you wish) became a top-level docking widget of its own, where the input buses, tracks and output buses panes are in turn the dockable sub-widgets. i must also say there are some power-users ou there that in fact praise this very functionality, which is the most welcome for sessions with a massive count of tracks and buses and even more when having more than one screen monitor or virtual desktops at your disposal, you name it--the multi-row layout option for this, is actually, one of the dearest of them all :)

- Pianoroll key highlight on MIDI keyboard key press
yeah, i've been promising on this one but still short on delivering. have i ever said it isn't really a top priority on my list? sorry again.

no hard feelings, though. i'm sure you can live without any of the above. ;)

in the mean time, keep on rocking the free world ;)