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First, you can try moving the global configuration file away (~/.config/ It has been reported that starting from scratch is kind of a cure for most of similar faulty behavior.

Second, if the previous suggestion doesn't get you any better, you can try building from source without LV2 support (./configure --disable-lv2). Reasons for this are slight suspicions of a particular bad libslv2 delivery or/and one its dependencies (eg. librdf0). I've been told more than once that magic happens when switching one or all of those dependencies, specially on debian based systems.

Third, if you dare, you should still build from source with debug in mind (./configure --enable-debug). Watch then for stack-trace dumps whenever it segfaults and report back. It also helps if you turn off View/Options.../Display/Capture standard output, so that those segfault stack-traces get caught on the terminal console.