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There's no such thing like aux-buses in Qtractor. Not quite.

You can however insert a plugin into an audio track. The amount of plugin effect (wet/dry) is usually a plugin parameter.

Track plugins apply to internal track audio outputs before mix-down into the designated output bus. There's the catch: output buses in Qtractor are mix-down devices, not alternate signal paths. Qtractor buses are indeed the interface devices to the outer world.

In the very same way, you can insert plugins into an output bus. That way, it will apply to the audio output after the mix.

Each track or bus has a plugin chain, meaning that you can chain several plugins one after the other. Only activated plugins apply. Non-active plugins are bypassed. There's also this special kind of inserts which function as taps to either a track or bus. This kind does expose send output ports and return input ports, to and from the outside respectively, which may serve to connect stand-alone JACK enabled applications as regular plugins.