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wholly thanks, again++

- A key / function to zoom in / "fit to view" on selected clips (like Blender's ".") ;

fit to what? ae you asking for the dang clip be (fitted) on whole current view? is that it?
actually that sounds pretty interesting....anyone wanna step forward? :)

- An option to "zoom to mouse" (like Blender does in the timeline when you check "zoom to mouse" in the prefs)

im kind of thinking that's already there long ago implemented for ages, at least when regarding from the mouse ctrl+wheel pov ;)...

- A key / function to freely pan the timeline in all directions (like say, Gimp's MMB, or Blender's SHIFT+MMB) something like MOD+MMB.

yet again, there's the mouse-wheel, this time without ctrl but shift key modifier ...

yeah, i know, there's a lot and whole lot of dang UX/UI featuritis hidden in qtractor ever since its birth... no worry, no hurry, chicken curry :D

byee cheers

ps. i tend to know all of those, but then i often forgo a lot: it has been a a lot a time anyway since its birth (13 years?) ... you make the figures ;)