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This graph thingie is reaaaaly cool ; I humbly think this powerhouse of a software needs a teeny *bit* of documentation, I mean the "Patchbay" feature alone is fantastic, and I'm sure no one really knows about it ; I finally managed to get a sane vocoding session / solution working, and I need to let the world (that includes me) know how I did it: I want to make a video and a tutorial-with-screenshots about it but I use i3wm now, and I don't want to scare ppl away :p

BTW I don't get how the "session management" feature works. At all ; Is it capable of launching applications? See what I mean by documentation? I'd really love to understand how it works and start a massive QJackCtl wiki documentaion campaign:)

Hey where is the "no skeuomorphic shiny glass effect" option gone? Oh, and also while we're at petty whims, why don't QjackCtl sport the same "theming" options as Qtractor? It would be cool, not that that's of any importance :)

PS - The tray icon is back, yay!