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Not just a label but a property to the MIDI track, relating to its assigned MIDI channel and to a Bank and Program selection.

Remember that are at least three (3) major modes of MIDI instruments all of those can be driven by a Qtractor MIDI track/channel:

  1. external outboard hardware instruments (being the original targets from day one); connected/wired via the physical MIDI interface and cables;
  2. external software instruments (eg. Qsynth/fluidsynth, etc.); connected via ALSA MIDI; this is the mode you're having as far as I can tell;
  3. internal software instrument plugins (eg. DSSI, VSTi or LV2); these maybe inserted in MIDI tracks or MIDI output buses; all signal flow runs internally; sound is rendered through a designated audio output bus (Master out is the default);

Only the later (ie. plugins) makes Qtractor produce audio or sound in its own (via JACK audio output ports that you connect at will).