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Qtractor 0.9.3 - The End of Autumn'18 Release


Qtractor 0.9.3 (end-of-autumn'18 beta) is out!

All the changes that were simply decrastinated for this season are as follows:

  • Auto-backward now skips the end-of-session location.
  • Audio clip time-stretching and pitch-shifting limits are now 10-fold in either direction.
  • Custom color (palette) theme editor introduced; color (palette) theme changes are now effective immediately, except on default.
  • Old deprecated Qt4 build support is no more.
  • Recover audio and MIDI dedicated port connections when changing any of the Metronome, Player and/or Control option settings.
  • Fix MIDI track (and bus) bank/program reset to none.
  • Anti-glitch micro-fade-in is disabled on audio clips with zero offset.
  • Audio and MIDI file players also stopped on Transport / Panic command.
  • LV2 plug-in UI GTK2 and X11 in Qt5 host native support are now disabled on default configure.
  • Get rid of symlink duplicates on the default plugin search paths.
  • According to Debian policy and guidelines, the out-of process plugin scanner (qtractor_plugin_scan) is now installed to $LIBDIR/qtractor.


Qtractor is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt framework. Target platform is Linux, where the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for audio and the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for MIDI are the main infrastructures to evolve as a fairly-featured Linux desktop audio workstation GUI, specially dedicated to the personal home-studio.


Project page:


Git repos:

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Qtractor is free, open-source Linux Audio software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.

Enjoy && Keep the fun.

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