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qtractor is quite impressive. It's a pity I cannot use it with files bigger than about 350 kB in size, in one single track - this is from straight midi recording, in time scales beyond an hour.

I waited, if this weakness would be taken care of, at some time during versions progress - but maybe I am the only one encountering this situation. In fact, this problem appears as a bug: In that case, import of the midi-file takes much longer, and after that, the file is kind of folded or wrapped, so different parts of the file (some two or three) appear like being merged upon each other. so the track is garbled. So, on first sight it looks like kind of memory overflow.

Interesting enough, having compiled qtractor freshly, this problem is not there immediately, but it appears after its third or so use and remains after that. I tried chasing the directly associated configuration and history footprint, but could not see on that level, where the problem is introduced.

This situation is stable behavior since quite some kernel versions now, and slackware-current has distributed quite some upgraded library versions meanwhile.

qtractor would be quite a bit more modest in use of resources than rosegarden, which works as expected.