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Thank you for fast responding!

> How many events are we expecdting to load?

If you think of midi events: files consist mostly of note-on/off. If this approaches 3 hours, file-size could be something below 600 kB, rough guess, starting from a file, I saw, a bit below that size.

If you think of items to import: Only one at once for my purpose, regarding those file-sizes.

Recording mainly is done with ALSA native tool 'amidirecord'.

Maybe one could regard this kind of handling oriented towards classical chamber music (or live jazz, which should be similar in such regards).

This is results from sessions, coming directly from the kitchen, so to say.

Afterward, it is hardly about merging items, but mostly about listening, analyzing, feedback.

If there should arrive need for editing or for adding tracks, files probably should be organized in smaller chunks.

> Do you think is recording bug or import/load one?

Quite sure, this happens while importing. It looks like a wrap-around: what does not fit in the end, continues at the beginning. So on one track, there are other parts merged from that same track.

Files will play with amidiplay, timidity, rosegarden, musescore (programs which I have around here; musescore sometimes introduces kinds of garbling of different kind - mainly it should be good for lay-outing, less for listening, but it is rather cpu efficient; rosegarden instead is quite hungry, with a small cpu I should not try to open editing windows in real time - either it takes forever or it crashes in this constellation, probably because of unexpected time-outs).

For files with size below about 320 kB, I appreciate that qtractor works: watching the piano roll, cpu use is about 10 percent, running with via USB to midi, back to the keyboard. This is on a laptop with celeron cpu (hp nc4200), maybe this is comparable to those atom-cpu's.

> Any chance in having one of those files to test here?

Hmm. For the time being, I feel a bit private about this point.
In fact, imported files come straight from keyboard, via midi and usb-interface, as stored with amidirecord.

Just took a look: A file of 518 kB in size will open for play-time 1:37 in qtractor. It looks like being wrapped-around, with a sudden stop at eof, continuation is at start of file. Without that problem, this file should open for 2:25. The difference to the play-time in qtractor has been merged into the same track.

That thing with recompilation maybe depended on qt or some similar layer in between - there has been an upgrade at some time in slackware.
So at some time, there must have been a fresh state on that layer.
When I recompiled at that time, the above problem was gone! Large files would play wihout any problem.

Suddenly the problem was back again, I think it was after the 3rd opening of a large file. I deleted all files which somehow looked like belonging to qtractor and I recompiled again. But the problem remained! So maybe this is not related to qtractor directly, but to some caching, or memorizing insufficient configuration data, been done somewhere else, maybe somewhere in qt.

Maybe you find out what happens here?
Regards & thanks again