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I think I read that on MacOS, you are limited to coreaudio. There are no 3rd party drivers. I don't see any setting for "Aggregate Devices" in my system sound config window.

I just spent an hour on Zoom with a high-school kid (a very good sax player) who uses jack, but he sets it all up from a terminal shell on his PC (I think). We were able to get into a session using Jamulus, and the private server I set up on AWS. We still couldn't figure out how to use qJackCtl to connect anything else.

I was imagining that qJackCtl would let me create virtual audio devices that would show up in any list of audio devices in my app settings windows, that I could then connect each app to as an input or output. But I guess that's not how it works, at least on my Mac.

Maybe this all just works on a PC. I haven't had a PC running Windows for a few years now and don't know anybody that has one now. Oh well. Maybe I'll just have to get a mixer-board and plug in a phone or tablet or MP3 player if I want to add a backing track to the mix. Just more wires and cables!

Thanks for your responses all the same. I'll watch the video shortly.