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yes, I don't care a bit to macosx, nor even close to anything that comes from cupertino, sorry again.

but that doesn't mean I don't care about you or your problem. even though it seems deeply related to the idiosyncrasies of the platform, which is NOT GNU/Linux (the only one in careful support here:)).

now, about two other things which I think you misunderstand about JACK and qjackctl:
1. QjackCtl does not come with JACK bundled, although the opposite is often true, especially on non GNU/Linux platforms;
2. As far as I know of Jamulus architecture: a standalone Jamulus server only deals with network exchange--it is entirely useless for you to install JACK on the server, or even run it there, no matter if you use QjackCtl or else to start and interfere with it.

as @Musicalme said, you have to install JACK (jackd) on the very machine that you have your physical sound device plugged in--this is your macbook and the focusrite usb for sure--you have to install, setup and start JACK over that very sound device exactly, possibly under the "coreaudio" driver, and you can use QjackCtl for just that (or you can start jackd from the command line, giving it the right arguments, your choice). And finally, when JACK (jackd) is all set up and running, you launch the Jamulus client and connect its JACK ports to the system:capture_N (mic, guitar, etc.) and system:playback_N ports (speakers). You may use QjackCtl Connections or Graph to do the connections (but not the Patchbay yet) or you can go full command line with jack_connect et al.