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Not like spaghetti, eh?

Compared to some analogue studios I've been in that is not a lot of spaghetti. :) I'm familiar with making connections this way and prefer the look of it to the matrix approach of Ardour's connections window.

I'll attempt another screenshot -- I may have to take a photo on my phone.

So let's say it wasn't Ardour. I'll describe the behaviour more generally. When moving the pointer around wires are highlighted. Many wires turn white. In what I remember of 0.9.2 if I clicked on a port only the wire or wires connected to that port turned white, showing what is connected. Now in 0.9.3 the wires that have turned white stay white. When I took a screenshot the graph window changed to the 'correct' view -- one white wire amongst many orangey ones.

I should add that this is not a huge issue but the highlighting made my spaghetti more manageable in 0.9.2