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I'm a radio journalist and I'm often struggling with the editing of complex audio documentaries that involve the use of different sound sources and sometimes quite long interviews.

I've worked with several proprietary software for editing (Hindenburg Journalist; DigaSystem) but I'm always looking for an Open Source and Linux-based program for editing journalistic content.

In the Open Source area Qtractor seems to me to have the best features for this type of use, in particular for the presence of the File Panel.

This is because for the creation of audio documentaries it is necessary to have the possibility to order in a place outside the timeline (Hindenburg offers for example an advanced clipboard) all the selected clips from the various audio files, which will be later assembled in the final product.

So here's my question: is it possible to select a piece of sound file on the Qtractor timeline and transfer it (by drag and drop or with a keystroke) to the File panel so that it can be organized and picked up later?

This option would make Qtractor by far the most interesting software for this type of use.