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Nice tools to play with, thank you. I was looking for something
allowing to run vkeybd (or other virtual controller/instruments) remote.

I played with two QmidiCtls on different
hosts and connected each other over a third QmidiNet channel:

>-128:QmidiNet \ / >-128:QmidiNet
>-130:QmidiNet / \ >-130:QmidiNet

(first out is QmidiCtl from other host, second out is QmidiCtl from this host,
connected to the third QmidiNet channel on the other host, 3 UDP-Ports at all)

Due to using a netbook (other host) with touchscreen (T91MT) for it,
you have some kind of a cheap "motor fader". (but useless cross-connected here)
Everything worked fine.

some remarks (just to know and to talk about)

-"move channel left/right arrow-buttons" (or turn wheel) does not move the other,
like all other buttons do, but could be a nice feature.sound generator
(but in order to control only, that switch-by-feedback is not really needed)

-QmidiCtl ist not local usable, needs a running QmidiNet on another host
(on the same network-port), is it possible to open the "in" and "out" local
and make it connectable similar to QmidiNet? (maybe useful for testing/learning purposes)

-some of the record and other buttons block the other locally, some not.
how should that be done actually, local or by feedback?

-is it possible to compile QmidiNet to be used under windows too?
(I know that netjack/qjackctl can be used there)

that's all what I think about at the moment,
thank you for providing your opensuse repository!

by the way, if you make the knobs of qsynth midi assignable sometime,
I would be very happy...and it would be the first graphical sound generator
under Linux with that feature (for live performance) or am I wrong?