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Wow, I didn't think it would be so hard to try to install QT6 on Ubuntu 22.

Thanks for your answer, I'm sure all my problems come from this. I thought the package (in the apt / rpm sense) would pull all the dependencies in the most desirable version, but then again said package has to exist and it seems, so far (I'm been on this since yesterday morning) that no such package (QT6 for Ubuntu 22) exists :(

I tried the Appimage version but same thing, QT5. I though my days of building QTractor from source (a pretty straightforward experience notheless) were over :/

If anyone here knows how to have QTractor (& friends) use QT6 on Ubuntu 22, please let us know.

EDIT - never mind, I remembered about your ppa (it is so well hidden I wonder how I even know about it) and used the jammy branch, and now everything is peachy :)

Aligato again, Sensei.