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Hi Rui, Firstly I am a big fan of your work :-) I moved 30 songs from Tascam Reel to Reel into Ardour. When synchronising Ardour 6.5 (master) to Qtractor 0.9.20 (slave) via "midi clock" (as the tape speed drifted over time), Qtractor progressively looses sync with Ardour. By approx 3 minutes into the song Qtractor jumps bar/clock position and runs at half tempo. Setting both Qtractor and Ardour to show samples/frames and Ardour sending MMC. Stopping Ardour, and moving Ardour's playhead (cursor) to any bar around the 3 minute mark shows a difference in sample position of approx 400+ samples between the two DAWs. Is there a better way to sync the two packages. I am willing to help with coding if needed :-)