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hi, thanks

as said before, please remember that qtractor won't exactly sync to incoming MIDI clock whatsoever: it just reads the tempo (BPM) from it and sets it as current tempo.

if MMC is in use for ardour -> qtractor communication, which is not a sync protocol either, please check in qtractor's messages window for receiving MMC events... check if there are any MMC Locate event: as the MMC location is allegedly specified in SMPTE format (hh::mm:ss.ff) with frames (ff) ranging from 0 to 29 or 30, there is the the real possibility to err in 48000/29=1600 frames at most and in the worst case (and assuming 48000 is the sample-rate in charge).

in conclusion: don't ever trust MIDI clock or MMC to pursue any sample accurate syncing, because the former won't do it at all and the later will do it quite badly.

the best you may have in this regard to qtractor is probably JACK Transport.