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Hello again.

OK so I've put together the slimmest possible version of a project file I can which still shows the problem discussed. Basically, I made a copy of my original project and stripped out all the MIDI information. All that's left is the mixer settings. Even with this "shell" of a project, I think you'll see the behavior we've been discussing. This means the "bug", as I'm calling it, is not a result of MIDI data itself since there is no actual MIDI data associated with this project. Obviously the next step for me in terms of troubleshooting would be to remove plugins from the mixer strips 1 by 1 and see if the behavior changes. I don't have the time for that ATM so figured I'd send this .qtr file your way. Again, I don't believe this shows up when I create a new project so this is very curious.

OMG, LOL....... do I really have to trick this forum by renaming my file? ROTFMAO

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