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The Sixth Lord

In preparation for the long due MIDI editing stuff, it has come the time for another pre-release, now being called "The Sixth Lord" one (second to nothing).

Important things that sneaked in since last one, as recorded on the change-log:

- Audio/MIDI connections gets slightly refactored, contributing for whole robustness, specially in case of incidental engine shutdown.
- Mixer window gets a minimum default height bump.
- Clip fade-in/out type changes have been properly fixed.
- Complete refactoring of the command class pattern, making it now derived from QObject and not having a reference to the main form anymore.
- Inoperative context menu event handler has been removed from the track-view.
- MIDI sequence note-on event tracking now uses faster QHash class, instead of original QMap.
- Off-by-one bug fix on MIDI track write method, while parsing co-incident note-on/off events in the wrong order and thus leaving note events with an invalid (zero) duration; obviously affecting MIDI recording in very special circumstances.
- Minor and rather innocuous drop at this time in the MIDI event class structure: the flags member field.
- Port connections now get their lines correctly drawn; strangely enough, the connection lines were being painted only for the parent client items, probably since the Qt4 migration (aka. Halloween files).
- Early clip editing is in place (clip name, start, offset and length parameters, fade in/out length and type).
- Some menu item text capitalizations.

Another landmark goes now tagged as qtractor in the wild!