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The Sixth Lord

In preparation for the long due MIDI editing stuff, it has come the time for another pre-release, now being called "The Sixth Lord" one (second to nothing).

Important things that sneaked in since last one, as recorded on the change-log:

- Audio/MIDI connections gets slightly refactored, contributing for whole robustness, specially in case of incidental engine shutdown.
- Mixer window gets a minimum default height bump.
- Clip fade-in/out type changes have been properly fixed.
- Complete refactoring of the command class pattern, making it now derived from QObject and not having a reference to the main form anymore.
- Inoperative context menu event handler has been removed from the track-view.
- MIDI sequence note-on event tracking now uses faster QHash class, instead of original QMap.
- Off-by-one bug fix on MIDI track write method, while parsing co-incident note-on/off events in the wrong order and thus leaving note events with an invalid (zero) duration; obviously affecting MIDI recording in very special circumstances.
- Minor and rather innocuous drop at this time in the MIDI event class structure: the flags member field.
- Port connections now get their lines correctly drawn; strangely enough, the connection lines were being painted only for the parent client items, probably since the Qt4 migration (aka. Halloween files).
- Early clip editing is in place (clip name, start, offset and length parameters, fade in/out length and type).
- Some menu item text capitalizations.

Another landmark goes now tagged as qtractor in the wild!



Hey, man! I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done with this software. It certainly looks like this will become a real good application in the near future, and is already shaping up well. Good luck on your further developments!

I'm really digging the MIDI and audio clips in the same place, unlike the version of Ardour that I have installed, which has no midi sequencer. I think I may start using this software instead of the newer Ardours...

Once again, great work :) I just thought I'd stop by...

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Thanks for your kind words and support. Those are really appreciated, and thanks for trying Qtractor.

But... isn't there always a "but"? :) please don't make such a stance against Ardour. As you might know already for sure, Ardour is actually a different beast, specially if you regard the pro-level features.

Even though the pronunciation might sound somewhat similar, Qtractor aims humbly for the personal home-studio, aka techno-boy bedroom-studio ;). Ardour's for the pro-studio. It might also be worth mentioning that Ardour's MIDI editing/sequencing is almost nearly around the corner, probably a matter of months.

Incidentally, so is Qtractor's MIDI clip editing aka. piano-roll editor. Its coming real soon now :)

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

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