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first off, thanks for the prompt, articulated, and candid reply.
After a bit of tinkering with qjackctl I finally got the hang of it.
Fluidsynth was easy to set up, I tried a bunch of piano soundfonts, maybe I should try again.
If, as you say, sampvl1 won't produce a noticeably better result than fluidsynth, I better focus on some other viable option.
I actually installed linuxsampler and qsampler, although the last version of linuxsampler seems a bit dated.
I also tried ardour (synth mode), but am not sure if it has the capability to play samples.
Finally, i gave a spin to pianoteq demo, which works very well, except it has the restrictions of a demo product.

Oh, well, I'm spending more time setting up my system than playin the piano, LOL.