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hi, many thanks for thorough explanation and efforts.

I don't really have the time to check on every detail of the MCU, so sorry; I don't own any MCU equipment and, sorry again, I don't plan to have one ever so soon.

in qtractor model and in general, the "feedback" flag is about the exact and very same MIDI controller message in either direction (MCU -> qtractor and qtractor -> MCU); if the MCU protocol specifies anything different (or even additional) on either end (knob, slider, led, etc.) then it probably won't work or perhaps, only partially;

of course you can simply verify all that by tapping on the MIDI traffic under the hood, with the help of aseqdump as you already know; please confirm or debug whether it's all according to spec, for the cases it's not working right or at all, in either direction.

also, about the jog-wheel and other transport controls: at this time,probably they will only work best *iif* the MCU is configured to MMC mode--dunno if that's even possible; any other option requires development of new driver code, on the qtractor side and that, I'm afraid, is not going to happen on my own, or so soon (see above).

I can, of course help in debugging and possibly fix the generic code-base that is currently in place; anything further than that is going to need some additional (wo)man-power (and time:))

cheers && many thanks anyway