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hi. welcome aboard :)

it's all terribly simple: the buses' "monitor" button is probably a misnomer: it was once called "passthru" in the ancient times, eons ago; but someone with some more knowledge on DAW's at the time told me to call it "monitor" and it stuck since the; note that it only applies to duplex buses while it's grayed out (disabled) on simple input or output buses.

you just hit some of the several qtractor idio(tic)syncrasies ;) don't let any of them take your sleep or challenge you: they just reflect how this piece of software was designed and engineered in the first place

yet, you'll find some more that similar stuff of the trade calls something like this or that name for the same thing and meaning (or not).

there's nothing like one single picture to explain all the things; have a look at the Qtractor Wiki - Manual - 4. Qtractor--An Overview.