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current sample rate should be always the one set in qjackctl, iif you're using it to start the genuine jackd(bus) server, so that it shows "Started" in qjackctl main display panel.

if you're with pipewire-jack then qjackctl shows "Active" and you have no control on the running sample-rate whatsoever; depending on the pipewire/wireplumber configuration, parts of the graph may run on disparate sample-rates, not always necessarily the one you once had showing before.

if that's the case, please review and edit your pipewire.conf, most specially jack.conf, and set a fixed sample-rate for all jack applications; on the same vein, buffer-size (or quantum in pw parlance), should also be maintained to a fixed amount in frames per period.

assuming that's your case, you may try to take steps to get away from pipewire's default dynamic behavior regarding sample-rates and buffer-sizes, like issuing the following on the command line (or a shell script):

pw-metadata -n settings 0 clock.force-rate 44100
pw-metadata -n settings 0 clock.force-quantum 1024