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qsynth (or fluidsynth for that matter) only allows the mapping over 16 channels, tops; and may I ask where did that supposition come from? :)

let's be clear about this: one soundfont (sf2) may well provide hundreds of instrument presets, sure, BUT you may only have a maximum of 16 (sixteen) channels, each mapped to one, and only one of those presets; iow. one qsynth/fluidsynth engine can only render a maximum of 16 instrument/channels simultaneously, at any one given time and instance.

fwiw. and again, the MIDIv1 limit is 16 channels per device (or port); if we were already on MIDIv2 full-support (and we're not) it would possibly allow for 255 channels, but we're far from there yet, and wonder if we'll ever need it ever soon ;)