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As I mentioned previously, in my small test file I found that the automation stayed correctly aligned with the beats whilst I made several changes. just as yours did. But when I changed the opening tempo (i.e. Bar 1) I got the messed up version shown in my second screenshot. I can't remember the exact changes I made or in what order. But the final change - the one that caused the mess - was definitely at Bar 1.

I thought that this might mean that it was only Bar 1 tempo changes that ever cause a mess, and I could easily work around that. But since my previous post, I have experimented with making tempo changes in my actual project, and I find that tempo changes at intermediate places in the music can also cause the automation curve to end up in the wrong place. I have just tried this again: in my main project, I changed the tempo of a single bar from 152 to 160, and the volume curves later in the movement ended up in the wrong places. When I changed this bar back to 152, the curves were restored to their correct places.