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Further to my previous comment, I have now found a short sequence of operations which shows (at least on my machine) automation curves ending up in the wrong place.

The problem actually seems to appear when a session is reloaded after having been saved. So everything is OK, but upon reloading the session the automation is found in the wrong part of the music. In addition, I almost always find that some tempo changes have been altered when I reload a session.

Here is what I did. I have gone into detail about some things, just in case I am actually doing something incorrectly.

Open qtractor (I am currently using v.
Save new session
Set quantization to 'Beat'
Create MIDI track and new clip.
Set tempo to 120 4/4
Add a note in bar 8, just to give the clip some length,
Click on Automation button - Select - Track 1 Volume; Mode - Linear
Click on Automation button - Play
Add Nodes at bar 4 (100%), bar 5½ (0%), bar7 (100%)
Add tempo change at bar 3: 176 4/4
(Automation still correctly extends from bar 4 to bar 7)
Save file.

Up to here everything works fine.

When a new session is started and the file is reloaded, I find that:
a) The tempo at bar1 is now 176 as well as at bar 3. On one occasion, they were both 174!
b) The automation curve is now a bar and a half too late, commencing at bar 5½.

I'll be very interested to know whether other people get a similar result.